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The Community Table…The Communal Table…A Phenomenon

Holiday Inn Express, Roseburg, OR Diane Boller, ASID   During a recent stay at a client’s hotel, a new community table had just been delivered.  Since the lobby and breakfast room were still being renovated, the table was placed in a temporary location in the... read more

6 New Trends in Hospitality Design

“Greenery”, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year   Diane Boller, ASID May 22nd, 2017 At the recent Hospitality Design Show, HD 2017, six new industry trends were easily recognized.  Every aisle of the huge trade show provided a source for one or more of these... read more

The Trend Trap

An accent wall becomes a focal point —- Red Lion Hotel, Olympia, WA Diane Boller, ASID March 31, 2017    It doesn’t take much searching on the web to find hotel rooms that are dated and tired looking, possibly even considered “tacky”.  Tell-tale features of... read more

A Different Point of View

Diane Boller, ASID March 31, 2017 Athens, Greece When I was in college, some of my friends who were not art majors decided to take an Art History course because they thought it would be an easy “A”.  It wasn’t. Studying the art of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and 18th... read more


Diane Boller, ASID February 17, 2017 Early in my career as an interior designer, I was hired by a couple who was building their dream home and wanted my help in planning their kitchen. As I drove to their home, it stood out like a monument on the flat Midwest prairie.... read more

It’s All in the Details

Diane Boller, ASID February 17, 2017 The old saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words,” certainly applies to hotel websites.  But in this case, a picture is worth thousands of dollars in revenue! Take a look at the photo below, taken from a hotel website.... read more

Focal Points

Diane Boller, ASID January 30th, 2017 One of the latest trends by mid-range hotel franchises is a feature wall or focal point in the lobby, currently a requirement by several franchises. Focal points can be achieved in a variety of ways, and are an excellent vehicle... read more

Destination Designworks

Diane Boller, ASID US Contract Design is now Destination DesignWorks!  To celebrate our 35th year in business, we are pleased to announce our new company name. The core of our business remains as it has always been, to provide furnishings for hotels. However, our... read more