LUXlife magazine, a UK based company, recently announced the winners of the 2020 Resorts & Retreats Awards. The resorts and retreats industry is a true goliath, accounting for multi-trillion dollar expenditures every year and single-handedly fueling global economies. Despite this, the sector is incredibly competitive, and expectations require nothing short of excellence to reap continued success.

LUXlife Resorts & Retreats Awards recognize those who have dedicated themselves to offering the finest experiences, product and services in the industry. Awards Coordinator Holly Morris took a moment to comment on the extraordinary achievements of those recognized: “The hospitality industries encompass a vast array of different businesses. Companies of all shapes and sizes and in all locations contribute to creating exquisite memories for people all over the world. With this, I offer my sincere congratulations to all of those recognized and I hope you have a fantastic new year ahead. So far 2020 has been a significantly tough year for the hospitality industry. No event has impacted the Hospitality industry like the Coronavirus, which has had a significant effect on all businesses and individuals from all across the globe. LUXlife aims to support and reward those key individuals who have gone above and beyond for their customers and clients, even in such unprecedented times.”

“Our team at Destination Designworks is honored to receive this award from LUXlife Magazine,” says Diane Boller, “and we look forward to providing thoughtful and distinctive interior design solutions with a focus on our continual commitment to excellence in everything we do.”

About Destination Designworks
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